Anesthetist Vs. Anesthesiologist


Anesthetists and anesthesiologists are two types of medical professionals who administer anesthesia to patients during medical procedures. They often work together to provide pain relief before, during and after a patient’s surgical, obstetrical or therapeutic procedure. Both positions require an interest in the medical profession and a dedication to the years of training required. To enter either profession, you should be compassionate, patient and willing to work long hours. The jobs are demanding, but you can help provide needed relief to those experiencing pain, making them very worthwhile professions. The primary differences between an anesthesiologist versus an anesthetist are the education they receive and the salary they make.

Anesthetist: An anesthetist, also known as a nurse anesthetist, is a registered nurse trained to safely administer anesthesia. With specialized training in anesthesia, a nurse anesthetist can give anesthesia to a patient, monitor a patient’s vital signs during procedures and adjust anesthesia as needed during a procedure. A nurse anesthetist also performs all the duties of a nurse, including getting needed information about the patient and helping to manage his health.

Anesthesiologist: An anesthesiologist is a licensed medical doctor who specializes in administering anesthetics before, during and after medical procedures. They also monitor a patient’s vitals during surgery or other procedures and adjust anesthesia as needed. While they are trained doctors, anesthesiologists typically do not provide general medical or other surgical care.

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